Privacy Sound Masking

Benefits of Masking to the End User

Cost-Effective Speech Privacy

Normal (not confidential) privacy can usually be achieved with floor-to-ceiling walls between workspaces. However, sound masking allows normal privacy to be achieved in an open-plan office with simple partitions between cubicles. This is a cost effective solution that allows a building owner or lessee to retain the flexibility of an open-plan office. Confidential privacy, without sound masking, requires multiple-layer walls, from the floor to the deck above the ceiling, combined with special sound-isolation doors, door seals, and careful caulking of all penetrations of the wall to stop sound leaks. This kind of construction can be very costly. In contrast, sound masking allows confidential privacy to be achieved with normal building partitions that extend from floor to ceiling.

Increased Productivity

Without sound masking, employees in an open-plan office must deal with constant audible distractions, including office machinery noises, traffic noises, and clearly heard conversations from adjacent workspaces. Even when working in a private office, employees may hear noises and conversations coming from adjoining offices or hallways. With sound masking, these noises will be less irritating and the conversations, while still audible, will be unintelligible and therefore much less distracting.


Without sound masking, the open-plan office is little more than an old-fashioned typing pool with partitions. Noises and clearly audible conversations from nearby cubicles distract workers and limit their productivity. Lack of speech privacy may even inhibit some employees from performing necessary job functions. With sound masking, the open office gains the speech privacy of individual private offices yet retains the flexibility of the open plan concept. Just move partitions to add or delete offices, combine offices into a conference area or to create an open space for use as a break-room or file-room area. In most cases, lighting and air ducts, which are located in the ceiling, need not be moved. Also, in a well-planned open-office space, it’s easy to reconfigure electrical, telephone, fax and computer connections.


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